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Benefits of Cloud VM Hosting on Media3

Why to choose Cloud VM Hosting instead of Shared Hosting on Media3

This article applies to: Media3 Managed Web Hosting

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Cloud VM Hosting Versus Shared Hosting

Media3 offers both Cloud VM Hosting and Shared Hosting.  While Shared Hosting is significantly cheaper, CIT recommends purchasing Cloud VM Hosting. Customers previously using Cornell Stack or Static Hosting or Academic Technologies hosting will find that Cloud VM hosting is comparable to the service level they already receive.

You can only get the full support for CUWebAuth with Cloud VM hosting.

Benefits of Cloud VM Hosting

  • Private Server = Overall Better performance
  • Full root/admin access
  • Full CFAdmin Access 
  • Full cPanel access
  • Full control over software and modules versions installed
  • User informed scheduling of OS, software or module upgrades
  • Maintenance/downtime scheduling control
  • Custom Resources (cpu/memory/disk)
  • CUWebAuth 
  • WebDAV
  • Unlimited module installations
  • Priority support
  • Firewall Security Options (Standard Tier/ Extra Tier)
  • Cornell private IP block assigned
  • Easy Future Upgrades
  • No site level resource governors on cpu, memory or bandwidth
  • Full Control over backup scheduling, retention and encryption options
  • Load balancing options
  • Disaster Recovery options


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