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How to Know if Your Site is Affected by Media3 Migration

Determine whether your site is affected by Media3 migration depending on what service you are currently using.

This article applies to: Media3 Managed Web Hosting

Hosting Services Moving to Media3

Not sure whether your website is currently using Managed Web Hosting, and so will be migrating to Media3:

  • If you see a name like in your connection setup.
  • If you have a static site with CIT.

Managed Web Hosting Services Affected by the Media 3 Move

Academic Websites Affected by the Media3 Move

Check with your website tech support if you’re not sure.

What You Need to Know if Your App or Site Will Be Moving to Media3

Media3 is offering to do migrations at no charge, and has committed to the support necessary to assist with the transition. The Cornell early adopters will work through the onboarding process with Media3, perform validation and testing, and provide feedback about the process over the next month or two.

Some points for hosting customers or IT staff who support them:

  • The WebDAV protocol for transferring files will continue to be available.
  • At present, for VMs migrating, the managed web hosting layer of this service will remain subsidized by CIT. The costing model will be reviewed at a later phase with the IT Services Committee, with a decision expected no sooner than the completion of the project.
  • As noted above, Media3 will move VMs on owners’ behalf, if they wish, or can help move them.
  • Site owners will need to validate and test once the move has occurred and before going live.

Hosting Services Not Affected by Media3

All of the following hosting options are still supported and recommended. If your website currently uses one of these, it is not affected by this change and will not need to move. If you are considering one of these services for a new website, your plans can move ahead without waiting for the new service.

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