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Default settings for a managed Windows server.

This article applies to: Managed Servers

When a new Windows virtual or physical server is delivered, it will include the following:

  • A patched and up-to-date version of Windows Server. 
  • If additional drives (E:, F:) were requested at time of build, they are created and will be empty. 
  • A network connection on the VLAN requested.
  • A default host-based firewall.

The server will be ready to start installing applications and making the machine useful.

In the Server Farm virtual servers are managed. IT Infrastructure will manage these element of each server:

  • Antivirus
  • Domain Membership
  • Group Policy
  • Network Interfaces, IPs, DNS
  • Network ACLs and the Extra Tier Firewall
  • System Monitoring
  • Storage provisioning
  • TSM Backups (EZ-Backup)

"Defaults" are provided for each server, including:

  • Local administrators (system admins from the Systems Support group, plus any default admins for your unit).
  • Host-based firewalls (including monitoring, Active Directory access, and backups).
  • Basic install of Identity Finder.

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