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Choose a File Transfer Protocol

Transferring data (files) to and from servers in the Server Farm opens the possibility of a security issue for both the data and the systems. The Systems Administration group recommends the use of encrypted protocols during file transfer. Using an encrypted protocol reduces the chance of a security issue.

This article applies to: Managed Servers

Several protocols are recommended. Which you use depends on what machines you're using during file transfer and what types of transfers you need to do. The following chart shows which file transfer protocols are recommended for each client and server combination.

To decide which of the recommended protocols is the best one for your transfer, see How to Choose a File Transfer Protocol.

SFTP/SCP (Always encrypted) FTP over SSL (FTPS) (Always encrypted) Microsoft File Sharing (SMB/CIFS)
Win/Unix Client & Unix Server X
Win/Unix Client & Win Server X
Mac Client & Unix Server X
Mac Client & Win Server X
When necessary: FTPS as file transfer for host external to Cornell X
Note: If you are performing a file transfer using a system not listed above, send email to The Systems Support group will work with you to find a secure solution.


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