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Email Delivery (Graduate/Professional Students)

This page describes how graduate and professional students set their email accounts. General information on email delivery can be found in our Delivery Options article. We recommend you read it. Thanks. 

Graduates and professional students are given email accounts in both Microsoft Office 365 (the primary system for faculty and staff) and Google Workspace (the primary system for undergraduates).

If you have never used Google Workspace before, you should Change Your NetID Password to ensure that your password is in sync for all Cornell services.

See our Email Apps article for assistance setting up your Office 365 account.

See our Google Workspace articles for assistance using Google Workspace.

Forwarding is a bad idea, but if you really feel the need to forward your messages to a non-Cornell address, you can set up forwarding to a single address using Google's instructions for Google Workspace.

Again, before you decide to forward your Cornell email to a non-Cornell account, please be aware of policy changes by the major email service providers that may affect your email delivery. The current best recommendation for everyone with Cornell email is to use their account to send and receive mail.


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