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Troubleshooting: Links to Uploaded Files

Links to uploaded files do not seem to point to the correct version on a blog.

This article applies to: Blogs

You may try to replace an uploaded document or file with a new version, but the link keeps pointing to the old one. 

Because of the way files are stored in the cloud service, CampusPress gives each upload a unique name by appending characters to the end of the filename. This means that the URL to a file only applies to that particular upload, and if you upload a new version, it will get its own unique URL, even if you delete the old one.

If you have a file that you think will be updated at some point, you may want to create a page for the content within the blog and publish the URL of that page. Then on that page, put a link to the specific file being shared.  This way, the direct URL of the file itself is never published directly in printed or other marketing materials.  If a new version of the file needs to be uploaded, then the link on the web page can be updated, and there is no need to update other materials.

If you use this approach, if you choose, you could also store the file in Cornell Box, and use the versioning and link options of that service to make sure the link to the file always goes to the current version. (See Box for more information.)

Or, if the content of the file is something that can be put on a web page, you could create a page in your blog containing that content, and provide people with the link to that page.

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