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URLs (Web Address) for Blogs

  • All Cornell blog URLs begin with
  • You add your blog name after the slash, for example:
  • The URL must be all lowercase letters.

It's possible to request a domain-mapped or shortened URL for your blog, for example: Note: You can't password protect a blog when you use domain mapping, so your blog will have to be public.

For more information about domains, see How to Register a Domain at Cornell.

Point Existing Domain Name to the CU Blog Service

If the domain already exists, then you generally don't need to fill out the CIT Domain registration form. Please contact CU Blogs to configure the site's domain mapping within the CU Blog Service.

It's important to notify your local network administrator of this change. They are responsible for knowing what sites are on their domain, and knowing where they are pointing. (Also, they might have to clean up the old site after it has been moved.)

Custom domains cannot be used with private blog sites.

Point a .com,.org, or .net Domain Name to the Cornell Blog Service

You'll need to point the domain to (IP address: 

  • Ask your network administrator to submit the CIT domain registration form.
  • Alert your department head to expect a request to approve the CIT domain registration request. 
  • Go to the commercial domain registrar's website and configure the name servers to point to: dns.c bigred.c drdns2.c
  • Submit a request to CUBlogs to point the new custom domain name at and complete the domain mapping.


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