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Record from a Webcam

How to record video from a webcam using Video on Demand

This article applies to: Video on Demand

In addition to uploading video files, you can also record videos directly to Video on Demand using your webcam.

Note: this feature requires Adobe Flash.

  1. If necessary, log in to Video on Demand
  2. Click Add New then Webcam Recording. The Record from Webcam page will open. If you are prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone, click Allow. For questions about how to use your webcam, check the webcam's documentation or online help.

Add new webcam

3. Click anywhere on the image from your webcam to start recording.

 Record Webcam

4. Click anywhere on the image to stop recording.

5. Click Save (on the image) to upload your recording
Click the red dot to discard your recording and start a new recording.

6. Enter information in the details form during or after recording. Only Name is required. The video details information can be changed or edited later from your My Media page.

7. Click Save (at the bottom of the form) to save the details.

To return to your My Media page, click Go To My Media near the Save button at the bottom of the window. Click Go To Media to open the recording you just made. If your media is still converting, you will see "Media is being processed" or "This media is still being converted." Once the media has finished transcoding, this message will no longer be displayed.

Go To Media

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