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Create New TeamDynamix Reports

This article applies to: TeamDynamix

This assumes you have already logged in to the Ticket Console.

  1. In the gray toolbar, click Report. From the short menu that appears, click Report. "Report Folder" allows you to create a folder where you can store your reports.
  2. Select the type of report you would like to create.
  3. Enter the Name (required) and a Description (recommended) for your new report.
  4. The Column Selection area comes pre-populated with commonly used fields. Click Remove next to any fields you do not want to include.
  5. To add fields,
    1. Click Add. An unlabeled field will appear at the bottom of the column list.
    2. Use the Field dropdown to specify the field you want included.
    3. (Optional) You can reorder the columns by dragging the three-lines icon in the Sort column.
  6. To add filters to your report,
    1. Use the Column dropdown list to select a field. It does not need to be a field included in your report.
    2. Select the appropriate value from the Operator dropdown. The choices you see here depend on what column you selected.
    3. Enter the values associated with your selected column and operator.
      • If you see a blank text field, enter the appropriate value or entry.
      • If you see a dropdown list, select a value from the list.
      • If you see a gray text area with a magnifying glass next to it, click the magnifying glass to search for the desired entry. Enter all or part of the name or NetID in the Search field, then click Search. Put a check next to the desired value or values, then click Insert Checked.
    4. If you include more than one filter criteria, click Show Advanced to indicate the boolean operators (AND or OR).
  7. (Optional) You can choose to Order your report by specifying column(s) and indicating Ascending or Descending.
  8. Select where to store the report results.
  9. Select who can see the report results.
  10. (Optional) Select a chart type to include.
  11. (Optional) Email Delivery applies only to reports you want to run on a recurring basis. Click Add, then specify the Interval, the Format, and the email Recipients. Click Save when finished.

The following fields have been added to Tickets, Ticket Tasks, Assets, Projects, Risks, and Issues report sources and can be added to reports in the report builder:

  • Last Communication Comment
  • Last Communication User
  • Last Communication Email
  • Last Feed Entry
  • Last Feed Entry User
Last Communication Report in TDX showing last communication comment and the commentor.

When done designing your report, at the top of the window, click Save and Run to run this report now and save the specifications for re-use. (Reports you have saved will appear in the left column of your Console View.


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