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Add Work Notes to TeamDynamix Tickets

This article applies to: TeamDynamix

This procedure adds notes to the ticket, which is different from editing the ticket (changing what is already recorded).

This assumes you have already logged in to the Ticket Console and the ticket of interest is visible in the console. 

  1. Open the ticket by clicking its ID number or the title. A new window will open displaying the selected ticket.
  2. Scroll down, then select Comment.
  3. Enter your notes in the Comments field.
  4. (optional) You have the option of leaving the Notify field blank, which just updates the ticket without notifying anyone. Or you can click on the Notify field and update the email requestor or the person responsible to notify that person. Type the beginning of the person's name or NetID, then select from the results. 
  5. Select Save (underneath the comment field) when finished.
  6. Close the ticket window.


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