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Cornell’s vendor for the Video on Demand service will be making changes during summer 2024 that will impact videos managed by Cornell content owners and videos posted on other sites using Video on Demand embed codes. Media Retention Policy Enforcement Later this year, Cornell’s Video on Demand…
To play a hosted media item such as a video, search or browse for the item on the Video Hosting and Sharing (Video on Demand) website, then click its thumbnail image to open the media page. The media will be displayed on its page in a typical video player interface (static example image shown).
In addition to using Privacy settings to control access to your channels, media owners can also set a passcode for individual media items. This means only users who have the passcode for that media will be able to view it.
New users of the human captioning service should review the Getting Started video tutorials on the vendor website. To begin, visit Video Tutorials. At that vendor webpage, click the Select a Category dropdown, then select Getting Started to show available video tutorials…
These procedures require your department or group to have a 3Play vendor account for human captioning outside Video on Demand. This non-VOD account with 3Play Media is in addition to any account your department or group might have for requesting captioning using tags in VOD media. To invite…
For details on how to approve requests from users in your department or group for human captioning services made by tagging Video on Demand media, review the vendor documentation at Upload Approval: Managing Requests.
Users of the Video on Demand service likely know that tags can be used to identify searchable topics within a piece of media. 3Play Media's human captioning service uses a set of specialized tags that allow users who are members of departments or groups with 3Play Media accounts to use these…
The chart below details 3Play Media human captioning pricing effective February 2020. Human Captioning Identified via tagging in Video on Demand and account owner approval.
The human captioning customer (specifically, the individual in a department or group who is designated as account owner) will be billed directly by 3Play Media for captioning services. The customer is responsible for payment of charges in a timely manner. This billing…
If your department or group has an ongoing need for human captioning for your media, please contact the IT Service Desk with the information needed to set up a vendor account for your department or group. 
How do I request human captioning services for an individual piece of media if I don’t have a 3Play Media account?  Media owners should contact the IT Service Desk  for individual captioning requests.
Creators and providers of video content should take measures to make all media accessible. Several services are available to help with this.

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