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In February 2024, Gmail will begin enforcing several security-related requirements for messages sent to Gmail accounts. These requirements include proper authentication and domain records for the sending domain, secure transmission connections, a low spam rate for the sender, and proper email…
If you are looking for information about what to do if your Google Workspace account was deactivated in November, but you still need to download data, please see the Google Account Deactivation page.
Google has announced that its whiteboarding app Jamboard will wind down toward the end of 2024. The app will go into read-only mode on October 1, 2024. It will no longer be available after December 31, 2024 across Web, iOS, Android, and Google Meet devices. 
The information presented here gives you ways you can move small numbers of files manually.
If you need to move large amounts data (for example your entire email history or cloud storage drive), you should take advantage of one the robust tools available to Move Your Personal Data. If you have a small amount of data -- just a few files or folders -- then it may make sense to transfer your…
If you collaborate with users outside of Cornell, particularly with international partners, it can be easier to use Drive with them. Some faculty members find the Google environment easier to use for their classes.
Your Email Address When you join the university, you will receive a NetID. Your email address will then be: (YourNetID) For example, Clarence Darrow receives the NetID cd404. Clarence's email address will be Faculty and staff have the option of selecting an email…

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