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Moving Small Amounts of Data

Whether you are joining or leaving Cornell, you will want to move your data with you.

This article applies to: Box , File Storage at Cornell , Microsoft Outlook , OneDrive

In This Article

If you need to move large amounts data (for example your entire email history or cloud storage drive), you should take advantage of one the robust tools available to Move Your Personal Data. If you have a small amount of data -- just a few files or folders -- then it may make sense to transfer your email and files manually. 

Are you just joining Cornell? Review your File Storage Options before deciding where to put your data.

Move Your Email

Cornell offers two options for email platforms: Outlook through Microsoft 365 and Gmail through Google Workspace. If you've accumulated email over a long period of time, the options at Move Your Personal Data are a better fit. Here are ways you can move small amounts of email manually.

Move Your Cloud-Stored Data

Cornell offers the following file storage options to the community. Select the option that you have (or want to move into) for resources for each service.


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