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Install RingCentral on Non-Cornell Computers

This article is only for personally-owned computers and those managed by CLASSE IT.

This article applies to: RingCentral

On most Cornell-owned and managed computers, please use the procedures in our Set Up RingCentral article.

  1. Browse to RingCentral's App Download page.
  2. Click either Download for Mac or Download for Windows, depending on your computer. The installer file will download to your standard download location.
  3. Some browsers automatically run the downloaded file. If yours does not, run the installer file (called RingCentral.pkg on Mac and RingCentral.exe on Windows). Windows users: If you see a Windows Defender prompt, click Cancel.
  4. On the Welcome to RingCentral screen, click Sign in.
  5. On the Sign In screen, for Email or Phone Number, enter your address, then click Next.
  6. You'll be taken to Cornell's CUWebLogin screen, then you'll need to authenticate with Cornell's Two-Step Login.

When the RingCentral Welcome page appears, installation is complete.

By default, the RingCentral app will start in the background when you log into your computer, so you won't need to enter your credentials each time.


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