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Filter Resource Account Messages

Many people find it helpful to set up rules (filters) in their email client that automatically move these forwarded messages into separate folders, rather than having them arrive mixed in with the rest of the messages.

This article applies to: Resource Accounts

This page applies to people who are "recipients" of a Resource Account's messages. This means that messages sent to the Resource Account are forwarded to their own account. (Our Configure Your Email Client article describes the distinction between Recipient rights and Access rights.)

If you are a recipient for multiple Resource Accounts, you can choose to have all the messages put into one folder, or create a separate folder for each account.

The rule (filter) you set up in your email client should look for messages

[Sent To]  [the Resource Account's email address].

Each email client has its own procedure for creating rules.

Outlook on the web (recommended)

Outlook for Windows

Outlook for Mac


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