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Delete All E-list Members via Email Commands (Lyris)

This article applies to: E-lists (Lyris)

Only list administrators may delete (also called remove or unsubscribe) members other than themselves from an e-list.

This method will delete all members except those who have administrative rights.

Send an email message to  

where listname is the name of the list including the hyphen and the letter L at the end of the list name.

Your message needs three lines of text, based on the following syntax:

login password

delete all quiet


where password is your password as administrator of the e-list.

The message must be sent in plain text, that is, no formatting, font styles, or HTML code. (How do I send plain text?)

The "quiet" parameter is optional. If you include it, your list members will not receive a notification email, which is typically the way you want things to happen. If you leave it off, every member will receive a message telling them that they've been removed from your list.

Be really, really certain that you want to completely remove ALL members of a list (except administrators) before you send the "all" command. You won't be asked "Are you sure?" You won't have an easy way to undo the command. Think twice before you click the Send button. Okay, think three times.

Here's an example:

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