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GuestID Identifier

GuestIDs use the following format convention: gid-lastnamefirstinitialmiddleinitial


  • gid-nelsonwh
  • gid-schmertzpq

If a requested GuestID is already in use, a sequence number will be appended so that each GuestID is unique. (The digits zero and one are not used, to avoid them being mistaken for letters.) Examples:

  • gid-nelsonwh2
  • gid-schmertzpq47

GuestID Identifier Details

  • The names are provided by the guest.
  • Only lowercase letters a-z are used.
  • Only digits 2-9 are used, and only when necessary to avoid duplicate GuestIDs.
  • No punctuation is allowed, except the mandatory dash.
  • The maximum length of a GuestID is 20 characters.

Password Complexity

GuestIDs require a user-specified password that meets the following conditions:

  • Minimum length of 8 characters
  • Include at least one uppercase character
  • Include at least one lowercase character
  • Include at least one digit
  • Pass a dictionary check

Provisioning Methods

GuestIDs may be created through:

  • Self registration
  • Batch registration
  • On-demand creation by authorized unit staff
  • Departmental registration pages

Closed Accounts

If a GuestID is unused for one year, it will be closed. Closed accounts, also called expired accounts, are not usable, but are preserved in the GuestID account database, with all corresponding authorizations.

An OU admin can restore and reactivate a closed account, with some or all of its corresponding authorizations. An OU administrator can also manually close a GuestID account.


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