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More About Former Postdoc Email

This article applies to: Email for Faculty and Staff, NetIDs

During your time as a postdoc, you have the same access to email and calendar resources as staff.

What happens afterward depends on what other connections, if any, you have with Cornell, for example, alumni or retiree.
If you have no other association with Cornell, when you leave you will lose access to Office 365, but the deprovisioning process usually takes 1-2 months. During that period, you will still have access to Office 365 and your messages will be delivered there. You can set up forwarding to another address through Office 365 if you wish. Once your account has been deprovisioned, you will lose access to Office 365, but will still be able to specify forwarding by using WhoIAm. Any forwarding you had set up in Office 365 will be automatically transferred to WhoIAm as part of the deprovisioning process. 
If you are also an alumni, will continue to have access to a Cmail (Cornell G Suite) account.
If you are also a retiree (from Cornell), you will continue to have access to your Office 365 account.

If, while a postdoc, you activated your optional G Suite account, you will continue to have access to that account.

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