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Subscribe to EZ-Backup

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In order to subscribe your system to use EZ-Backup, please follow these steps:

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Use our EZ-Backup Online Subscription Form to make your request.

About the Form

  • For Type of request, select New Setup.
  • If you are not the Technical Contact, you will be asked to provide a contact's NetID and phone number. (Registration confirmation will be sent to the Technical Contact (you or the person you designate).
  • If you are requesting multiple nodes, enter only the one node name in the Node Name field. Later on the form it asks Is this a multiple node request? Click For multiple requests, click here to download the form and attach it to this request then fill out the form. (If you prefer, you can also download  PDF iconEZ-Backup-Form86.pdf ). Near the bottom of the online request form you'll see Attach a file to this request, which you should use to include the completed Form 86 with your request.

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