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Terms and Conditions for CUView

Terms, conditions and responsibilities for using CUView Digital signs.

This article applies to: CUView Digital Signs

The following terms and conditions apply to all digital signage services at Cornell.

  • All terms and conditions are subject to change.
  • CUView is subject to continued university funding.


Digital signage at Cornell University is distributed centrally by University Communications and the Office of Information Technology, and managed locally by content users and approvers as assigned in each individual college and unit.

University Communications is responsible for layout configuration, administration of user accounts, passwords, and server-based content permissions, and first-level response for trouble shooting problems with the functionality of the system.

University Communications will administer a playlist intended for general consumption, which departments may choose to schedule on their local displays at their discretion.

University Communications will sponsor an opt-in community of users where participants can ask questions about the application of each other and share techniques and suggestions as needed. The user community will be held through an email discussion list,

CIT Network & Communication Services is responsible for all aspects of channel player maintenance including, but not limited to, patching the operating system, installing and maintaining Symantec Endpoint Protection, and other critical patches.

Departments are responsible for their content and programming and for learning and using the application provided to create and schedule their content.


CUView relies on an integrated suite of hardware (flat-panel display, channel player, peripheral devices) and software that works together to support communications objectives. CUView draws from AV hardware components supplied by a Cornell's preferred AV supplier, Audio Video Corporation and accounts provided by Appspace, a digital signage content management platform, to create a bundled service offering tailored to Cornell's needs. All equipment purchases, and applicable manufacturer warranties, are coordinated by CIT.


The following conditions are required to initiate an installation of CUView:

  • Approval from the communication director for the school, college, program or unit requesting the service
  • A person to act as the designated local content creator
  • Customer agreement to replace monitor outside of the three year warrantee
  • Customer agreement to replacement cost of displays and/or room AV peripherals (i.e. DVD/VCR, speaker system) due to end-of-life or risk management conditions (i.e. theft, physical damage)
  • Also see Technical Requirements


As a component of emergency communications, CUView requires no monthly fees or on-going costs to participating units. The only costs are the one-time funds to obtain an estimate/design, and purchase/install the local systems. See Fees and Billing for more information. Design and installation costs are dependent upon the available building infrastructure. Total installation cost will vary by location and customer specific requirements.

Colleges and units who choose to connect to a cable service provider, such as DirecTV, are responsible for any and all charges for use of the cable television service.


All requests for service and support may be directed to

Support will be maintained 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during normal university operation except during identified critical periods when support may be extended.

Terms of Central Override

The university may determine that certain events and information are of significant and widespread importance and interest to our community and may take over screens for the purpose of broadcasting a single stream of content.

This may include:

  • Emergency notification and testing
  • Unscheduled university closings(weather)
  • Presidential address
  • Opening day
  • Orientation week
  • Trustee council weekend
  • Parents weekend
  • Mid-year commencement
  • Cornell Days
  • Commencement
  • Reunion

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