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CUView Fees and Billing

This article applies to: CUView Digital Signs


As a component of emergency communications, CUView (with the exception of optional DirecTV service) requires no monthly fees or ongoing costs to participating units. There are ongoing fees if a DirecTV subscription is added (see below).

The only costs for CUView are the one-time charges for obtaining an estimate, signing up for maintenance, and purchasing and installing the signage.


A basic CUView installation includes the needed power and network infrastructure, a channel player (the computer that displays the content), and a flat panel display (typically a 55 inch – 80 inch).  Other display sizes are available and are customized for your installation.

Estimated initial costs

Detailed estimate cost Equipment Cost One-time Maintenance Fee


To request an estimate, complete the Request for Service form.

Approximately $3500

Exact costs vary by location, existing infrastructure, and specific requirements.


DirecTV Subscription

If you add DirecTV to your CUView display, a monthly recurring subscription fee applies.  This fee is paid directly to DirecTV reseller Apogee.

A standard network jack is required for DirecTV and a monthly data port fee applies.

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