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Update 2023-01-06: Cority Partners Assigned, Launch Call Concluded, Workshop 1 Approaching

Cority project update

This article applies to: Cority

Cornell's Cority partners for the Industrial Hygiene (IH) Implementation project have been assigned and the "launch call" was held January 6, 2022.  The launch call formally introduced the team and initiated the Cority Implementation Methodology for our third and final stage of the COHSEC project.  It was a somewhat familiar experience for many team members who participated in a launch call for earlier stages, and it was beneficial to have the new combined team on the same page to set the tone for the project conclusion.  It's hoped that all parties found value in this first step to build cohesion among the team and trust in the process. 

Next, Workshop 1 (WS1) will consist of half-day sessions over the course of several days.  The official date is still to be determined but will likely take place in late January or early February 2023. Cority IH and related Occupational Health functionality will be reviewed with the project team to determine how configurations in the Cority product should be adjusted to meet Cornell's business needs.  After WS1, the base project plan will be finalized, and future dates will be shared! 


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