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Use the myCority Portal

Explains the myCority Portal options for health appointments, questionnaires, safety incidents, or viewing reports, dashboards, events or tasks. 

This article applies to: Cority

  1. Log in to myCority or use the link in the email you received.
  2. Choose from the options below:
The appearance of these icons is dynamic based on your role, appointment status, etc.
  • Report a New Incident allows you to create a safety-related incident such as a fall on campus.
  • Questionnaire will display a number if you have questionnaires to complete. Click on the button to complete your questionnaire.
  • Actions will display a number if you have actions to complete. These actions are related to safety incident investigations and assigned compliance actions. Occupational Medicine users can ignore this feature.
  • Investigation will display any safety investigations that have been assigned to you. Occupational Medicine users can ignore this feature.
  • Occupational Medicine Appointment will display your upcoming occupational medicine appointments.
  • My Dashboards let you view any dashboards available to you for safety incident reporting. Occupational Medicine users can ignore this feature.
  • Event Reports let you view any reports available to you related to safety incident reporting. Occupational Medicine users can ignore this feature.
  • My Records are only for Occupational Medicine related activities. You may view: Vitals, Clinic Visits, immunizations, Allergies, and Lab Results.
  • My Tasks on the left navigation bar will display questionnaires that are due and appointments that have not been completed. MyCority portal allows users to schedule appointments, report incidents, and more


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