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Update 2020-09-28: Preparing for Stage Two Implementation

This article applies to: Cority

The second stage of the multiyear project to bring Cority services to Cornell has entered its "discovery" phase. In this phase, project team members are doing an analysis and setting the scope for implementing Audits & Inspections and Environmental Compliance.

The first stage of the project provided many valuable lessons. A desire to improve stage-two implementation by factoring in these lessons was one motivation for the discovery effort.

Discovery Objectives

Better prepare the project team for implementation through demonstrations and orientation for:

  • The Cority product, its flexibility, and its constraints
  • The implementation process
  • The stage two project itself

Begin building the Cornell team, communications, requirements, and documentation in advance of the implementation "shape" (analysis) phase. 

Thoroughly define and flesh out the stage two scope and statement of work.

Transfer knowledge, documentation, and configurations from the discovery effort to stage two team members and environments.

Current and Upcoming Discovery Benefits

The discovery effort has already delivered insights that were acted on for stage two. Constraints around waste label generation in Cority’s Waste Management module were determined to render the module insufficiently aligned with Cornell’s business practices. As a result, the module will not be implemented at this time.

At discovery's conclusion, an informed timeline for this stage of implementation will be available. The timeline will begin with the initiate (kickoff) phase, followed by the shape (analysis) phase. These phases will be familiar to individuals who were involved in stage one.

Occupational Medicine team members Trina and Marie are working with co-functional admin Cheryl Muka and the rest of the Occupational Medicine team to use and support the Occupational Health Suite that was launched in May.

While Occupational Medicine staff don’t have Stage 2 roles, Trina and Cheryl are working with the other Cority Admin Group members and Cority’s newly-assigned Customer Success Manager for Cornell as part of a support assessment and ongoing Cority health checks.

These activities are designed to improve overall “customer health” and strengthen the university’s position going into stage two of implementation. A useful new rule of thumb they’ve produced:

If it takes more than twenty minutes to figure out something in Cority, don’t suffer in silence--contact your functional administrator to log a ticket with the Cority Help Desk!

Project Team Updates

Kristi Cooley from CIT Enterprise Services returned from maternity leave in August and was re-onboarded with assistance from Gabe Goodwin, interim technical lead and system admin, and the rest of the core project team: Cathy Morris , Stephanie Herrick, and Susan Luckhurst.  

As new functional areas are explored for Stage 2, many additional subject matter experts from EHS and other areas such as Facilities have helped clarify the scope and engage in discovery. 

Project senior leadership has changed, with new project directors Levi Harmon (Safety), and Pat McNally (Environmental Compliance) joining project sponsor Tim Fitzpatrick. Christine Stallmann remains the project’s executive sponsor.

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