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Give Someone Access to My Confluence Space

Instructions to grant another person access to your Confluence space, a task performed by Confluence space administrators.

This article applies to: Confluence

Space administrators who want to grant another person access to their Confluence space need to access the Manage Users tab.  The steps to access the tab may differ depending on the theme being used on the site.

  1. Within the space to be shared, select Space Tools, then Manage Users/Groups.
  2. Select the Confluence Group to add users in.
  3. Enter all users who need access. Separate each entry with a comma.
  4. For members of the Cornell community, enter their NetIDs. For everyone else, enter their email addresses.
Before Cornell users who have never accessed Confluence before can be added by an admin, they must first log in to Confluence in order for their NetID to be added to the pool of all Confluence users.
  1. When non-Cornellians who are using Confluence for the first time have been added, they must start by retrieving their password. Tell them to:
    1. Go to the Confluence login screen.
    2. Select Forgot your password?
    3. The system will then randomly generate a password and send it to the new user's email address.

For complete information, see About Space Administrators.

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