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Sharing Files

Eliminate the difficulties that come with emailing files and reviews back and forth by using a dedicated sharing service. Keep your files in a central place so it's always clear which one is the latest version. Commenting features make it possible to see the conversation in context, and working with a centrally stored document reduces inbox clutter.

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Trying to decide where to store your data? The Data Storage Finder is a self-service, interactive tool to select storage services based on features important to you. Choose just those you want to learn more about, or explore and compare them all, in one easy-to-use webpage. The Data Storage Finder is a service of the Research Data Management Service Group (RDMSG).

OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business serves as a personal document and file storage hub for Cornell's Office 365 service. It's easy to upload, download, and share files. You can also create, view, and edit documents online using the integrated Office Online applications, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. For those times you need the complete set of Office features, you can open your files in the full version of the applications and save them to your hard drive or back to the cloud.
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Cornell Box

All Cornell faculty, students, and staff have a free unlimited Cornell Box account, thanks to a campus-wide license. Box allows you to share and collaborate on documents and other files online. With a Cornell Box account, you can invite both Cornell and non-Cornell people to collaborate with you.

When considering whether to use Box or OneDrive for Business, here are some Box features to weigh against OneDrive for Business's native Office 365 integration:

  • You can choose which subfolders to sync between your computer and Box.
  • Sync for Mac computers.
  • Accepts files up to 15GB in size, compared to 2GB for OneDrive for Business. 
  • Box can preview more file types.
  • Box offers more levels of security, and logs all accesses.
  • Up to 100 backup versions of documents are available.

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Video on Demand

Cornell's Video on Demand services allows any university faculty or staff member to upload video or audio that you can embed in a group website, group blog, wiki space--anyplace that allows video embedding. You can also create your own channel within the Video on Demand service itself.
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Shared File Services

Shared File Services provide file storage which enables sharing of files between groups of users and computers. An off-site tape copy of the data is maintained at no extra fee for protection against an Ithaca campus disaster. Additional data protection features include optional snapshots of the data within the share itself (usable for restoring individual files), and for an additional fee, replication of the data across two physical sites on campus.
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