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Why Certified Desktop?

Promoting better data security practices benefits the entire Cornell community. When Certified Desktop is installed on your system, it will help make your files safer, more secure, and better protected against loss—without interfering with your work.

This article applies to: Certified Desktop

Certified Desktop is licensed and deployed to campus units by IT support professionals. Individual users who are interested in installing the data security tools that are part of Certified Desktop on their Cornell-owned laptop or desktop computer should contact local IT administrators.

CIT is offering a suite of security tools in response to the university initiative to better protect faculty and staff computers against ever-increasing online threats. Your department will contract with CIT to deploy these tools to Cornell-managed Windows PCs and Macs as part of the university’s commitment to data security best practices.

Installing these tools will help protect your data, your research, and your intellectual property from online attacks – and therefore help guard your professional reputation as well. Cornell has chosen a set of security programs which have already been rolled out by other universities – including Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Stanford – to protect their campus computers.

Certified Desktop includes these services:

Code42: Real-time secure backup and recovery

  • Files backups happen continuously, so your work is always protected
  • File recovery is fast and secure
  • Easy to restore your files and data on a new computer when old one is lost or damaged
  • Easy to restore your files and data on new computer when you’ve been compromised by malware

CrowdStrike: State-of-the-art malware protection

  • Malware attacks caught before they can compromise your files
  • Protection provided against even the most recently discovered threats
  • Works efficiently without slowing down your computer

Spirion: Identify Regulated Data

  • Identify and manage sensitive and regulated data proliferation

Endpoint Management Tools

  • Automate program installation and patching
  • Computers are kept up-to-date with security updates

In addition to these data security services, your department may also choose to install the Alertus Desktop Notification client on your computer. When installed, Alertus allows Cornell Police to quickly deliver emergency notifications to your computer screen in the event of on-campus emergencies.

If you have questions about Certified Desktop or have an interest in getting these protections for your Cornell-managed desktop or laptop computer, ask your unit or department’s IT Director to contact CIT.

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