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CrashPlan: Real-time secure backup and recovery

  • Fast, encrypted file recovery

  • File archiving and versioning

  • Easy file migration to new computers

  • Straightforward legal hold process

CrashPlan will continue rebranding away from the former product name, Code42, on January 19, 2023, when user backup status reports and administrator backup alert notification messages begin using CrashPlan logos and company information. Visit CrashPlan to Update Branding on Backup Alert Messages for more details.

For the time being, however, the installed application name and logo is still Code42.

CrashPlan provides secure, real-time backup, archiving, and versioning of files for Cornell computers. This helps protect users from ransomware attacks and fraud, and streamlines the process of transitioning files to a new computer. (Server backup uses the EZ-Backup service.)

CrashPlan is part of the Certified Desktop suite of security tools and can generally be found on university-managed computers.

Don't Have CrashPlan but Would like to Get It?

  • End users interested in CrashPlan for their Cornell computer should reach out to a local technical support representative about the availability of the service for their unit.
  • Cornell unit IT staff who would like to bring CrashPlan to end users should ask their local IT Director or ITSG representative about getting Certified Desktop.
  • IT Directors or ITSG representatives can contact the IT Service Desk. Let them know what unit or department you are responsible for; this will start the process of connecting you with CIT staff who can help.
Cornell's implementation of CrashPlan requires authentication with Two-Step Login.


For details about privacy policy governing this service, visit Certified Desktop Privacy Policy.

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