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Send Email to a List of Addresses via Bulkmail

This article applies to: Bulkmail

This is the procedure for sending a message to a large group of email addresses (that you must provide).

  1. Assemble the following pieces of information:
    • message: must be plain text; no colors, bullet lists, font changes, etc.
    • text to appear in subject line of message
    • "from" address: we strongly recommend using an Exchange Group Account rather than a personal address.
    • recipients: you will need to provide a file with a list of the email addresses. This list should be plain text with one address per line (but if your list is in a different format, tell us what you have and we'll tell you if we can use it as is)
  2. Send the information to
  3. CIT creates the message and sends a test message to the person requesting the mailing.
  4. The requestor approves the mailing.
  5. CIT distributes the message over the course of several hours.

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