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Zoom Screen-Sharing Help Topics

How to share, Sharing sound, Sharing Powerpoint, etc.

This article applies to: Zoom

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Zoom Screen-Sharing Help Topics

You also have access to a few advanced sharing options.

  1. When hosting a meeting, click Share.
  2. In the window that opens click Advanced (a tab near the top of the screen).
  3. You'll see three choices:
    • Portion of Screen: Allows you to share just a portion of your screen. When you start sharing, it will display a color rectangle that you can move around and re-size to share just the portion of the screen defined by that rectangle.
    • Computer Sound Only: Lets the host share the audio from your computer without actually sharing your screen. As an example, say the Lab of Ornithology was doing a presentation via Zoom and wanted to play an audio clip of a bird song from their computer, but not share their screen.
    • Content from 2nd Camera: Lets the host share content from a second camera. Say a professor is giving a lecture where they have an overhead-style camera with transparencies that they want to share (while still lecturing, so they have their own “face” camera going too). Or it could feed off a camera connected to a microscope, so you can have both the shared camera and the speaker camera.

Zoom Learning Center: Share Your Screen, Video, or Audio

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