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Zoom Integration for Microsoft Teams

This article applies to: Microsoft Teams , Zoom

Zoom's app for Microsoft Teams allows you to:

  • Start, schedule, and join Zoom meetings from your Team space.
  • Access functionality from the Zoom meetings tab or by using @mentions in your preferred channel. 
  • Start or join meetings with one click from the Zoom Meetings tab or using an @mention from any Teams channel.
  • Use the Zoom button in your text box in any individual chat, group chat, or channel chat to start or schedule Zoom Meetings.
  • The Zoom tab also serves as a personal notification hub for all of your Zoom meetings.

To integrate Zoom with Teams:

  1. Open Teams
  2. In the left menu bar, click App
  3. Use the search bar to search for Zoom
  4. Click on the Zoom button that appears
  5. Click Add

You have the option to add zoom to Teams in general, or to a specific channel, group, or chat.

To uninstall Zoom for Teams:

  1. On the left menu bar, right-click on Zoom
  2. Select Uninstall

For more information about using Zoom in Teams, refer to Zoom's Teams Integration documentation.


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