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Microsoft Teams

All your collaboration in one place.

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Microsoft Teams is a workspace messaging app that provides real-time collaboration and communication with virtual meeting capabilities, and easy file sharing. 

Because it's part of Microsoft Office 365, Teams has features that reduce the steps needed to help university faculty, students, and staff chat, meet, and collaborate.

Teams can be created by Cornell faculty and staff. Students can be added or join and participate in teams, but cannot create them.

Accessing Teams

Install the Teams App

  • Cornell staff with centrally managed computers can install Teams from Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (macOS).
  • Teams for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac may be downloaded from Microsoft.

Use Teams through Microsoft Office 365

To access Teams through a web browser:

  1. Visit and sign in with your NetID and password if asked.
  2. Click the app launcher in the upper left (icon containing nine squares).
  3. If Teams is in the list of suggested apps, click it, or if it isn't, click All apps and select it from that list.
  4. If the desktop app is suggested and you want to proceed in the browser, click Use the web app instead.

Understanding Teams

Tips from Teams experts on how to make best use of the collaborative platform.

Teams Initial Steps

Creating a New Team

When creating a team, be sure to choose the team type Other, the most flexible team type.

Every team should have at least two owners so that someone will be able to administer it if one owner leaves Cornell.

Collaborating Outside of Cornell

Microsoft Teams offers two options to collaborate with members outside of Cornell. You can add an external guest to a team, allowing you to coordinate, communicate, and plan with vendors, contractors, and other outside collaborators. 

Learn more about how to add a guest, and how they will see the invitation. If the guest doesn't already have a Microsoft account they can use to sign in, they will be asked to create one, as with guest access to other Office 365 services like SharePoint Online.

Using Teams

Tips from Teams experts on how to make best use of the collaborative platform.

Learn more about how the Microsoft 365 Group Usage policy affects team and data retention.

Helpful Resources from Microsoft

If you want to interact with others who are using Teams while getting some practice, join Cornell's Teams Q&A.


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