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Who: Lookup for Microsoft Teams

This article applies to: Microsoft Teams

Who is an app for Microsoft Teams that provides information about your colleagues at Cornell.

Once it's set up, questions to the bot that powers Who will tell you the person's title, unit, campus address, and telephone number.

It also gives you the ability to start a chat, compose an email in Outlook or your preferred email app, launch a video call, or begin an audio call.

You can also use Who to see all the people you'll be meeting with in the coming week, and when.

Who can be found under the ... (for More Apps) in the left-hand navigation in Teams. In the Find an App box, type Who, then select it from the suggestions.

To set up Who, on the about screen, indicate you want to install Who, and allow it to access the information it needs to conduct its queries. 

To see what you can ask Who, see Microsoft's Use Who to find info about people in Teams.


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