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Option to Use a New Version of Teams Coming Soon

This article applies to: Microsoft Teams

Soon, faculty, students, and staff at Cornell's Ithaca and NYC Tech campuses will be able to try a new version of Microsoft Teams by flipping a toggle in the app. Once the option is made available, the toggle to Try the new Teams will be in the top bar of the app. It will be possible to change back to the previous version (which Microsoft is calling Teams Classic). There is not yet any announced timing for Teams Classic to be completely phased out. More details and information may be found at Microsoft's Switch to the New Microsoft Teams.  

The biggest change in the new Teams app is that launching the app and most actions are much faster with a completely new architecture. 

The most significant "look and feel" change is that channel conversations appear in a reversed order from Teams Classic, with the place to type a new post at the top and the most recent thread directly below it, with conversations getting older as you scroll down. 

Reverting to Teams Classic can be accomplished by selecting ... (settings and more) near your profile icon and turning off the New Teams toggle in that menu. March 31, 2024, will be the last day it will be possible to switch back to Teams Classic.

You can separately revert post order in channels in new Teams app by clicking ... (More options) for any channel, then selecting See new posts at bottom. Taking this action will change the post order in all channels. You can then switch back by going to the same menu and selecting See new posts at top


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