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Picking Names for Teams and Channels

This article applies to: Microsoft Teams

There are no restrictions on the names of teams and channels in Cornell Teams, other than:

  • Certain words and terms aren't accepted because they're in the system as inappropriate for use as team or channel names.
  • A channel can't be given a name that has already been used by another channel in the same team. This is the case even if the previous channel has been deleted.

 There is no restriction against more than one team having the same name. Only channels in the same team cannot have the same name.

When choosing a name for a team or channel you're creating, try to find a concise, accurate description that will help it be distinct among all the teams and channels at Cornell. Doing so will: 

  • Simplify finding the group among many listed
  • Contribute to easier-to-scan lists of teams and channels for individuals who are members of many

For groups that have a defined identity, such as a Cornell Unit or a formal project, try using the name of that group or a straightforward and commonly understood abbreviation.

For groups that don't already have an identity, when possible, pick one or two words that provide an idea of the purpose so they don't need to click in and look at content to find out.

If it turns out that a channel name isn't working out, you can change the Teams channel name by following Microsoft's instructions.


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