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On Saturday, October 28, 2023, TeamDynamix will be upgraded to version 11.8. This release will introduce several new and enhanced features. Of particular interest to Cornell IT staff are the following: Report Enhancements Charts and graphs will be improved, with a more modern-feeling experience…
TeamDynamix will be upgraded to version 11.7 on Saturday, May 13, 2023. This release will introduce several new and enhanced features for support staff and administrators, including: Automatic Desktop Refresh (available for all users) The Enable Auto-Refresh option allows user desktops to be set…
General Settings To define general user preferences, access the My Preferences - General Settings page. Navigation:  Actions menu > My Preferences
Beginning in 2023, functional users will encounter a new look and feel. Navigation within PeopleSoft is now accessed through icons located in the updated Fluid Header. The guidelines below provide details on differences that users can expect and how to access key navigation and other features.
In February 2023, PeopleSoft Campus Solutions was upgraded to the PeopleTools 8.59, had application updates applied, and implemented the necessary framework needed to support the Fluid User Interface (UI).  These foundation requirements will not only change the way users navigate, but also update…
2/8/2022 Thank you for your patience and dedicated efforts preparing and undertaking user acceptance testing and reconnection of the hundreds of direct connections to Cornell’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. This could not have happened without your deep knowledge and active involvement. Next up…
Google no longer supports the U2F authentication standard in Chrome. This technology was previously used for USB security keys (hardware tokens), such as those used with Cornell Two-Step Login. To accommodate this change, Duo, the vendor that supports the Two-Step Login service, in January 2022…
To ensure that you are taking advantage of Zoom’s latest video and security features, keep your desktop client application updated to the most recent version.
On managed Macs, you can install applications and updates using Self Service, an application that manages the programs you are licensed to install and provides updates to both licensed programs and the macOS (Mac operating system).
User Experience My USB security key does not work for Two-Step Login in the Firefox browser.
User Experience When you use your U2F security key, you see the following message:

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