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TeamDynamix will be upgraded to version 11.7 on Saturday, May 13, 2023. This release will introduce several new and enhanced features for support staff and administrators, including:

Automatic Desktop Refresh (available for all users)

The Enable Auto-Refresh option allows user desktops to be set to refresh automatically.


Formatting for Ticket Response Templates

Ticket Response Templates will support the same formatting as the ticket update page.


Ticket Workflow Notification Options

New Notify Requestor and Notify Review options are available in ticket workflows. When enabled, Notify Requestor will cause TeamDynamix to send the Requestor a notification when the ticket is updated to indicate a step has been completed. Similarly, Notify Reviewer will cause the system to notify the Reviewer when the ticket has been updated to indicate a step has been completed.


Project Update Templates

Administrators can now define Project Update Templates. These templates are similar to Ticket Response Templates and, once created, can be selected from a list on the Project Update page to be added to the update Comments field.


Notification Recipients Template Tag

A new template tag, [NotificationRecipients] is available for use in Notification Templates. When used in a Notification Template, the tag inserts a comma-separated list of the names and email addresses of users who were notified, using the same formatting as a Feed entry. The tag will be added to all non-customized notification templates. (Example below shows a non-customized notification.)


Web Accessibility

TeamDynamix has improved the platform’s accessibility. Navigation within TDAdmin has been updated to meet WCAG 2.1 AA Standards.



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