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Faculty and Staff Storage Changes

Faculty and staff will continue to be able to keep or obtain a Cornell Google account with Gmail and Google Drive.

To moderate growth that could have translated into unsustainable costs when Google begins charging Cornell more as storage increases, in June 2022 caps were added to Cornell Google Drive accounts. The caps were set above the storage in the account at that time.

If you had less than 15 Gigabytes (GB) of storage in Google Drive, the cap is 15 GB.

If you had than 15 GB of storage in Google Drive, the cap is greater than the amount that was stored at that time.

A few very large Drive accounts may be contacted by CIT Collaboration & Utility Services to see if any other storage services available at Cornell might be better suited to their needs.

Action Steps
  • Regularly review the storage you have in Google Drive at your Drive Storage page. (If you have another Google account, such as a personal account, make sure you're looking at the Drive Storage page for your Cornell account by clicking your profile icon in the upper right. Your Cornell Google account is the one using your email address.) 
  • Remove content that doesn't need to be in the cloud anymore. Google has tips on managing storage.
  • If you are getting near your storage cap, have removed files you don't need anymore, and still require more space for education, research, or Cornell business projects, you can request a higher cap.


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