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Map a Drive to a Windows File Share

Connect to your Shared Files Services share by mapping a drive. 

This article applies to: Shared File Services

  1. Click Start, and then right-click Computer, and then click Map Network Drive.

In Windows 10, follow these steps:
1. Open File Explorer from the Start menu. (Alternatively, press the Windows logo key Windows logo key  + E.)
2. Select This PC, then, on the Computer tab, select Map network drive.
  1. Do the following:

    • In Drive, choose the drive letter you'd like to use.
    • In Folder, enter \\\OU\sharename.
    • After you map a drive, your computer will reconnect to it each time you logon. If you don't want to connect to this share each time you logon, uncheck Reconnect at logon.
    • If you are not logged into the domain, then check Connect using different credentials, and when prompted, enter your and password, for example
      (See Note below to find out if you're logged into the domain.)
  2. Click Finish.
How do I know if I'm logged into the domain?  Windows 7: Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, and then click Lock this computer. Under the words Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to Unlock This Computer, you'll see your name and CORNELL\NetID, if you're logged in to the domain.

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