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Use a Share with a Managed Server in the Managed Server Farm

This article applies to: Shared File Services

You can use a share with a managed server in the managed server farm, but caveats apply.

  • Servers (physical, or VMs) within the CIT Managed Server Service may utilize shares from Shared File Services.
  • VMs from the CIT Managed Server Service offer storage which may be used as a “share” as part of their configuration, verify the options available at Virtual Server: Monthly Rates.  A “share” from SFS may be added to an existing VM if desired.
  • NFSv3 shares/exports which are only accessible by servers within the CIT Managed Server Service may receive ITSO approval for storage of confidential information.
  • NFS shares can only be exported to either CIT-managed, or non CIT-managed (“Campus-facing”) servers, NFS shares cannot be exported/mounted to both types of servers.
    • CIFS shares do not have this same server access limitation.

In addition to these caveats, check the operating system chart on the Shared File Services page to be sure the protocol you want to use is supported.

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