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Use Resource Accounts with Access Rights

There are two ways you can be granted access to a Resource Account's email. This article describes Access rights. The other method of accessing a Resource Account is through Recipient rights.

This article applies to: Resource Accounts

With Access rights, you have you full control over reading, filing, and deleting messages in the Resource account mailbox, and the ability to add, modify, and delete entries on the account's calendar. Access to the mailbox and calendar does NOT require use of a shared password. Each user logs in with their own NetID password.

The central mailbox and calendar for a Resource Account is a shared space for everyone with access rights to it.

  • If one person reads a message in the Resource Account mailbox, it will be shown as read in everyone's email application.
  • If one person files the message in another folder, everyone will see the same view of it.
  • If one person deletes the message, everyone will see it in the trash.

This method of access is useful for workflows where any one of a group of people can handle and file or delete messages, and the others do not need to take action on it.

Read Messages

Reading Resource Account messages is exactly like reading your own messages, except that they live in a separate set of folders on the Exchange system. Remember that if you read a message, everyone will see its status as read.

Reply to Messages

Replying to messages sent to a Resource Account is almost exactly like reading your own messages, with one very important difference: the "From" address on your reply.

  • If you DO have Send As rights (granted through Exchange Account Manager), replies to Resource Account messages come from the Resource Account address by default, but you can choose to change the From field to your own address when that's what you want.
  • If you do NOT have Send As rights, replies will come From your own email address, not from the Resource Account address.

Send Messages from the Resource Account

When composing a message, change the From field to the Resource Account address. 

In Outlook, click From then find the address the same way you would to fill in the To, Cc, or Bcc field. (If you do not see a From button and text field, click the Options tab at the top of the message window, then click Show From. All messages you create from now on will show the From field.)

How to Receive Access Rights

  • An administrator for the resource account MUST use the Exchange Account Manager to give you Access rights.
  • You MUST follow the procedure linked below for your email client.

Set Up Outlook for Windows

Set Up Outlook for Mac

Set Up Outlook the Web


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