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Request Warranty Service During Standard Business Hours

This article applies to: Dell Warranty Hardware Repair

Determine if a Dell Computer Is Under Warranty

Dell's Support web site ( has an easy-to-use online form to check if a computer is under warranty. To determine if a computer is under warranty, enter the computer's Service Tag number in the form.

Only Dell computers with a ProSupport or Basic Hardware Service warranty with a minimum of at least "Next Business Day" on-site service-response level are eligible for repairs through this service. For details, visit Dell Warranty Hardware Repair Terms and Conditions.

Submit your Request for Warranty Service During Standard Business Hours

Technical support providers (TSP) in Cornell departments or units may request warranty service during standard business hours by contacting:

We require the following information to start a warranty repair request:

  • TSP's name, NetID, and phone number
  • End user's name and phone number
  • Dell computer model
  • Dell Service Tag number for the computer
  • Warranty date
  • Location of the computer, including the building and room number
  • Description of the problem
  • Type of repair requested
  • Summary of troubleshooting steps already performed
  • Whether the BiOS has been updated to the latest version
  • Whether the latest driver relevant to the component in question has been installed

Once we receive the request, a CIT Support technician will contact the TSP to schedule the warranty repair.

CIT Support or Dell are not responsible for any loss of data or installed software.

For details on the TSP's role in repairing hardware, see TSP Responsibilities When Requesting Dell Service.

Deliver Computer for On-site Repairs (at 104 Maple Ave.)

During the 2020 campus COVID-19 restrictions:

  • All those meeting with NTT Data (Cornell's on-site Dell hardware repair vendor) will be required to:
  • After hand-off to NTT Data, all computers will be wiped down with antiseptic wipes.
  • After hand-off to NTT Data, you should either wait in the lobby until the repair has been completed or schedule a time to pick up the device.
  • After repairs have been completed, NTT Data will again wipe down the device using antiseptic wipes before returning the device.
  • To ensure safety, NTT Data personnel may arrive on campus just prior to a scheduled drop-off and then leave campus following completion of the hardware service.
  • In addition, NTT Data personnel may choose to divert an on-site repair to a dispatch repair if they have concerns that:

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