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Why Use SharePoint Document Libraries?

Do you like the integration between OneDrive and Office programs you use often, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but would prefer not to have to individually share each new folder or file?  

Do you enjoy Teams' automatic sharing with your group, and that files are organized by channel, but want added capabilities, like more sorting and filtering options, or workflows to collect feedback and approvals?  

Try SharePoint! It's available in Cornell's Office 365, and if you've been using OneDrive or Teams, you've already been using SharePoint. 

That's because SharePoint is the engine that powers both OneDrive and parts of Teams. Most people who use those services don't need SharePoint's extended feature set, so it runs quietly in the background. However, if you do want capabilities like the ones described above, they are ready and easy to reach.  

To get started, while in any channel in Teams, click ... (More options) just below your profile icon in the upper right of the app window, then select Open in SharePoint. You'll be taken to the SharePoint document library folder for that channel. (It should look the same as the Files section of the channel in Teams.) 

To learn what you can do once you are there, see Microsoft's documentation:   Work with files in a document library View the version history of an item or file in a list or library   Introduction to SharePoint workflow 


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