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A flexible platform to engage and inform.

  • Share news, reports, status, and information about your project or group with a large audience
  • Build intranet sites and create pages, document libraries, and lists
  • Show important visuals, news, and updates
  • Manage your daily routine with workflows, forms, and lists

Microsoft Teams and OneDrive are built on the SharePoint platform. Learn more about Microsoft Storage  

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Learn About SharePoint Everything you need to know to get started with SharePoint! Microsoft offers:

Creating a New SharePoint Site

Not sure if SharePoint is right for you? Start by creating a team in Microsoft Teams for your group. If Microsoft Teams leaves you wanting more, every team has a SharePoint Teams site associated with it where you can use more advanced features if you need them. Find out how to get to the SharePoint site for your team. 

Create a new Communication or Team site using Microsoft's guide.

Deciding Whether You Need a SharePoint Team Site or Communication Site

Generally, when creating a SharePoint site:

  • A team site is used when most or all members contribute content. It's where collaborative work gets done.
  • A communication site is used when you want a large audience to view news or content about your project or group.

For more information, see Microsoft's comparison of team and communication sites.

Using a SharePoint Site as a Hub Site

You can tie multiple sites together using a hub site, which can create a shared experience across related sites. Usually, a communication site is used as a hub site to share information about other related sites.

If you need a SharePoint hub site, please fill out a support request form.

Microsoft provides more information about hub sites.


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