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Configure Mac to Sleep After EZ-Backup

This article applies to: EZ-Backup

In order to configure your Macintosh to sleep upon completion of a backup, add the following processing option to the dsm.sys file:

POSTNSChedulecmd "/Library/Scripts/EZ-Backup/ /Library/Scripts/EZ-Backup/psbackshut.scpt"

(The command should appear all on one line.)

This can be done using the TSM JAVA GUI client via the following steps.

  1. From the Finder -> Applications -> Tivoli Storage Manager, start TSM Tools for Administrators.
  2. Select Tivoli Storage Manager to start the TSM Java GUI client.
  3. Enter an Macintosh administrative id and the associated password
  4. In the TSM Java GUI client, start the Client Preferences Editor via Edit -> Preferences
  5. In the Client Preferences editor window, select the Scheduler tab.
  6. In the Schedule Command section, enter this string under Postschedule Command.

    /Library/Scripts/EZ-Backup/ /Library/Scripts/EZ-Backup/psbackshut.scpt 

    Note that you do not need to enclose the string in quotation marks; the Client Preferences editor adds the quotation marks when the changes are applied.  You DO need to make sure the Wait for the command to complete box is NOT clicked, as shown:
  7. Click Apply
  8. Click OK on the warning
  9. Click OK to exit the client preferences editor
  10. Exit the TSM Java GUI client
  11. The next time a scheduled backup finishes, the TSM client will prompt you, asking if your system should go to sleep.  If you are not there, the TSM client will wait 10 minutes, then put your system to sleep.


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