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Cornell DropBox

Cornell DropBox

Transfer files securely using Cornell DropBox
On August 2, 2019, Cornell DropBox will be changing its name to Cornell Secure File Transfer and will allow file transfers up to 5GB per upload. Check back to this page soon for more details!

About Cornell DropBox

Cornell DropBox is a secure method for transferring files smaller than 2 GB and allows anyone with a Cornell NetID to send and receive files. Cornell community members can add an external user to a whitelist in Cornell DropBox so that an external user can also send and receive files. 

Before using Cornell DropBox to share, store, or collaborate with institutional information, review the Regulated Data Chart (Cornell DropBox is listed in the Collaboration Services section).

Never send files containing restricted or confidential data as attachments to an email.

Using Cornell DropBox requires a computer with an Internet connection and a major web browser

Service Details

Transfer smaller files (2 GB max) to anyone with a Cornell NetID


No Fee

Regulated Data:

See the Regulated Data Chart for Cornell policy considerations for this service.

Support Contact:

Compare to:


Share your files with unlimited storage for free, thanks to a campus-wide license.

Best for:

  • Storing and sharing large numbers of documents.
  • provides tools to easily edit common files in Office on the desktop or in Office Online.
  • Can share files with anyone with an email address / collaborate with other institutions.
  • Excellent security for your data with encryption of your data both in transmission and while stored in the cloud, detailed auditing of who has acted on and viewed your files, watermarking of files, and view-only files that you can prevent others from downloading.

Regulated Data:

See the Regulated Data Chart for Cornell policy considerations for this service.


Cornell DropBoxBox
Cost:No FeeNo Fee


Cornell DropBoxBox
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