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Share CUView Content Through Cornell's Digital Well

How to share your content through Cornell's digital well.

This article applies to: CUView Digital Signs

CUView members are automatically subscribed to Cornell's Digital Well, a tool that allows departments to store and share CUView content.

See All Shared Content in the Digital Well

To view all content stored at the Digital Well, which is available for display on any CUView sign:

  1. Log in to the Digital Well (
  2. In the Digital Well Search box, type CUView.
  3. Click Go. A list of CUView content displays.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Show More Items to see additional content.

Download Content from the Digital Well

To download Digital Well content, created by other departments, which you'd like to display on your digital sign:

  1. Click the Collapse/Expand Tools button for the item of your choice.
  2. Click the Download button.
  3. Save the file to your computer and upload it to your Appspace library for use in a channel.

Upload Content to the Digital Well

If you are not a member of CUView and would like your content shared, please send an email to for assistance.

To share your content with other CUView members for display on signs throughout campus:

  1. Create and save the slide(s) you'd like to share.
  2. Log in to the Digital well (
  3. Click Add Item.
  4. Browse for the file you want to share, add a title, tags (include CUView), and description. Then click Upload.
    Once your file is uploaded, people can search for it at the Digital Well by searching for CUView.
  5. Send an email to to let CUView members know the new content is available for downloading from the Digital Well. Include a link to your content.

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