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How are Cornell's Cloud Services Different From Publicly Available or Commercial Ones?

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Cornell's cloud services, such as Box, Zoom, and Qualtrics, are similar to consumer versions in the way we experience them--access via the web, access from any device--and in the way they function. Many times, the same service is available publicly, but there is an important difference.

Cornell offers enterprise versions of cloud services, meaning the university has negotiated and worked with the service providers and vendors to make sure services are secure, paid for, integrated with Cornell's infrastructure, and that they have enhanced contractual guarantees. For example, that Cornell will be able to retrieve your data for you if the vendor goes out of business.

Because Cornell has taken responsibility to work with its cloud vendors, you can even use some of these services to send and store certain institutional information that is sensitive or regulated. We have made it easy for you to check the rules: See the Regulated Data Chart.

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