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IT Service Delivery: Traditional Vs. Cloud

This article applies to: Cloudification

To make the shift from traditional IT service delivery to cloud-based service delivery, IT@Cornell is:

  • Joining with the higher education community and leveraging our cumulative buying power to motivate vendors to provide cloud services that meet our needs.
  • Developing staff with skills for managing vendors and integrating cloud services.
  • Intentionally depending on delivery of services and support from vendors and, at the same time, maintaining the flexibility to switch providers when better solutions, better pricing or more complementary technical competencies become available.
  • Creating a strategy for providing "enterprise" cloud services--versions of cloud services that have been paid for by Cornell and vetted by legal, policy, security, supply management and other key Cornell resources.
  • Restructuring IT service management processes, especially during the contract development phase, to include policy, legal, procurement, security and other specialties.
  • Actively assessing services to determine which should be delivered in traditional on-premise fashion, which should be cloud-sourced under a centralized enterprise contact, and which should be cloud-sourced but without a centrally managed enterprise contract.
  • Providing assistance to campus units that are pursuing cloud services. For more information, contact the Cloudification team.

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