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Update 2022-10-26: Stage 3 Moves on to Industrial Hygiene Re-Implementation

Cority project update

This article applies to: Cority

The AWS upgrade, discussed in the late August project update, was completed on schedule. Project efforts have turned to restarting Industrial Hygiene re-implementation, which will engage both Environment, Health, and Safety and Cornell Health Occupational Medicine.

As noted in the mid-April project update, the re-implementation of the Cority Industrial Hygiene Suite will begin in 2023 and lead to a planned conclusion in 2023 or 2024. Details will be provided in a future update.

The Cority Statement of Work has come off hold and been reviewed and finalized. The Cority project team is planned to be assigned by the end of November. When this is accomplished, the core team will be able to complete preparatory tasks such as setting up consultant NetIDs and access and fulfilling refresh requests for the Test and Demo instances well in advance of the formal kickoff meeting, expected in early January 2023.

More details will be shared with the Cornell team once the Cority team has been assigned and discussions begun to build the new version of the Stage 3 project plan. 


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